H&M -"Fashion Against AIDS" 2012

H&M's fifth installment of their Fashion Against AIDS yearly campaign. 

25% of the purchase price of each item is donated to HIV/AIDS prevention.

Fierce Style. Fierce Statement. Fierce Cause.

H&M Fashion Against AIDS 2012

This year's collection had a reoccurring theme of BOLDNESS





H&M Fashion Against AIDS 2012


Bold Colors


Bold Patterns


Bold Statements

Very vibrant and leaning to tribal influences for patterns and feathers.

This campaign is a wonderful cause so if you're over due for some retail therapy, why not shop for a cause? Head over to H&M and snag these great styles and deals.

 H&M Fashion Against AIDS 2012H&M Fashion Against AIDS 2012 

 Check out the Entire H&M "Fashion Against AIDS" 2012 Collection


Much Love, Fashionistas.

iridescentliving.blogspot.com Linda Lanae Bailey

All photo credits: H&M


  1. I love these styles :)
    amazing post!!


    1. Thanks! I love it too! I can't wait to get my hands on those mint green wedges. So super cute. Speaking of, love you girls' hair! I miss my blue just looking at it. :(

      follow my blog for more posts :D