Vinyl Records : The Battle Between Analog & Digital

If you are not collecting vinyl records, you are doing absolutely everything wrong.

Although they may seem like a dead medium among the saturation of compact discs and digital downloads available, vinyl aficionados are still seeking out original releases and lobbying their favorite artists to release new records onto vinyl LP.'s

This resurgence of analog-love is so apparent that you can find hundreds and hundreds of artists, whether on major or independent labels, still releasing albums out on vinyl. Not to mention all the up and coming artists that flock to festivals and open mics that also seem to have an arsenal of self-commissioned pressings to vend.

There seems to exist this constant battle between analog and digital like some epic battle in the cosmos between good and evil.

No one can deny the pristine clarity of digitally compressed tracks or the vast accessibility and convenience. You can't exactly strap your record player on and go for a run or literally have thousands of songs at your fingertips. The digital age has brought upon us capabilities that we never thought would be possible so instead of shunning it, we should embrace and appreciate it.

Lest we forget.

Vinyl Record Collection Nektar
Placement of top record though purely incidental is quite fitting. 

The nostalgia that encompasses when the needle hits and our music is accompanied with the subdued hisses and pops. The truly retro analog sound that seems to soften the highs and unify for a more mellow tone. The sometimes intense emotional attachment to the process of procuring a record. The endless search through dusty record stores, thrift stores and garage sales just to find that perfect addition to the collection. The sudden rush of the frame of reference in time that comes when you pick one up and all of a sudden you can remember what you were doing, where you were, who you thought you were, and how you felt when you found it years and years ago. There's nothing quite like an inanimate object that can invoke those kinds of feelings in you and it definitely should not be pushed aside and forgotten. Instead, celebrated and enveloped within our hearts and lives. Forever memorialized.

Make Love, Not War.

There is certainly a happy balance between analog and digital. They each are important in our lives for very different reasons. We can hold on to our cherished memories and rush onward to make more during this Analog Renaissance but also have our digital back-ups. The best of both worlds for a truly enhanced one.

Once again, if you are not collecting vinyls, you are doing absolutely everything wrong.

Much Love, World. Linda Lanae Bailey


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