"Shameless" TV series & The High Strung

Truth: I may have very well been under a rock for the better part of 2011 in regards to television. Last year, most of my time was spent meeting and dating my now husband as well as, uprooting and moving two times. Traveling from Houston, TX to Pensacola, FL and then from Pensacola, FL to Norfolk, VA.

Sometime in the last month during one of the many rain spells I have experienced here in Norfolk, I had claimed refuge on my incredibly comfortable secondhand sectional and explored my OnDemand menu. I came across "Shameless" on Showtime after I had finished the current season of "Dexter" (which I had not seen since Season 2, but oddly enough, it was not difficult to get involved in the current storyline).

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"Shameless" absolutely enchanted me. The roller coaster of a dramedy had me so intensely immersed into the multitude of layers of storytelling. I instantly fell in love with the Gallagher family. I have never before been so compelled to laugh and sob simultaneously. I was so immeasurably empathetic to the family's situation with their alcoholic dad, Frank Gallagher, played by William H. Macy since I also had an alcoholic father although not to such an extreme degree. I felt like a kindred spirit to the main female lead, Fiona Gallagher, played by Emmy Rossum. She takes on the role of a parent to her five younger siblings which I did with my younger brother and sister as my parents were small business owners and were never home. You follow their lower-middle class family through so many trials and tribulations that you almost feel a tangible emotional drain but this endearing and quirky family always seems to find a silver lining, even if it's a little dingy . For those of you who have not been able to see this series yet, I won't elaborate any further for fear of spoilers because I recommend your see for yourself.

The American "Shameless" series on Showtime is actually a re-make of a series in the UK of the same name. The creator Paul Abbott had a hand in both productions and for the most part the American version follows pretty closely to the original. Enthusiasts of the original mostly criticize the re-make claiming that it does not strictly adhere to the same dark themes and comedy of the British original.

Personally, I can't stand the excessive shaky camera, awkward camera angles, oversensitive sound equipment and the low production value of the set of the original. I understand that their reasoning is because the original is much more dark and the family's tenderness towards each other is more subtle. The pace is manic-depressive; extremes. Although the American re-make follows closely, most of the time word for word, the over all feel is different. The tragedies that the Gallaghers go through, I could only handle with an endearing cast that is a cohesive, loving family and it doesn't hurt that the American version employs a great Music Supervisor.

I absolutely love the infectious theme song, "The Luck You Got" by The High Strung.
A virtually unknown band before the show have now become catapulted into the spotlight.

An interesting fact about the creator, Paul Abbott is that he attributes his ability to write in so many layers to his bipolar disorder. He shared this in an interview with Backstage: The Actor's Resource and you can read the whole interview here:

The Full Paul Abbott Interview on Shameless and writing. 

I absolutely love this new series and am anxiously awaiting the third season. I hope you check it out and tune in too! Much Love, linda lanae bailey the iridescent life iridescentliving.blogspot.com