Repurposing Strengthens Sustainability

succulent in clog planter from holland diy repurpose recycle reuse
Sedum morganianum
I know I cannot be the only one that gets a little buzz out of being able to re-purpose something that has been gathering dust for a while. To me, it means that I have created a use for something that would have otherwise wound up in a landfill somewhere. 
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One time, during an excursion to a local thrift store, I witnessed an employee going up and down the glassware aisles with a large, plastic, rolling trash bin just throwing the glass pieces into them to break them down and throw them away. I just thought it was so wasteful but there was not a whole lot I could do about the situation.

After that day, it was very apparent to me that glassware and kitchen items are things that are in abundance at thrift stores so if you can find some interesting and unique pieces they could be funky plant pots or terrariums. My favorite funky pot so far is a little wooden clog from Holland. I have Donkey's tail succulent planted in it and it is quite darling! The scientific name for this type of succulent is Sedum morganianum

I also love this little terrarium in a vase that I keep on my desk.

I really admire people that take the time to recycle or re-purpose something. Human consumption and the management of that waste is no joke so I think every little bit helps when it comes to keeping something out of the landfills even if it is for just a while longer.

Besides the obvious altruistic implications of reducing the rate of consumption there is also an intrigue and whimsical nature of seeing something used in a completely different manner but still brilliant in it's own right.
Such as, building a vertical garden in an upright pallet. The idea of this reduces the square footage needed for people to plant flowers or vegetables while finding a use for something that is readily available and for free most of the time. Not to mention that a pallet is very structurally sound because it's intended function is to be the foundation for thousands of pounds of materials during transit and storage.

wooden pallet into a vertical garden diy tuturial
Picture from and Kate Pruitt

Here is a GREAT and DETAILED Vertical Pallet Garden DIY from Design Sponge

Are there any cool re-purposing projects that you've done lately?


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