Double Denim

Along with the 80’s and 90’s styles making their way back onto the main scene, denim is the staple of the desired look. While blue jeans are prominent in any closet, this fall, be ready to add a few more denim pieces. While not like the Canadian Tuxedo or the duds on the Marlboro Man, denim on denim is back. Throwing on a denim jacket over jeans is your most versatile wardrobe option to achieve the right look this season. Featured recently on the likes of Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and a plethora of diverse fashion idols, double denim is reaching into many fashion demographics. Whatever way you dude up your dungarees, this fall be ready to dress it up or down, but never dull!

You can dress it up with unmarked, crisp denim for when the dress code requires. I recommend keeping to darker denim when dressing up and no fraying, nicks, or fading. A pair of brogue shoes will add some dynamic with skinny jeans, and it’s a great time to dig out your favorite canvas bag! If you are going for the vintage look you can dress your denim down with unlimited ways to distress any pair of jeans or jacket. So many designers having their own distressed pieces out there, the sky's the limit on just how unique a state your denim is in. Brands like mnml show you just how far you can go with the state of your jeans. Sometimes, a trusty jean jacket is all you need to pull the look together. Sometimes, it's just the right addition to up your cool level. Let’s not forget Levi Strauss & Co. measured the breast pocket of their iconic trucker jacket for a pack of smokes.

Denim is a great place to start breaking some rules if you are just looking to venture out from a safe wardrobe this season or even to just use some of your more unique accessories. A simple denim top over your favorite ripped jeans is a great weekend choice. Accessories will complete any desired effect. Go with leather anywhere to achieve your appropriately fall look, or maybe add your favorite knit item to soften your appearance. Now is a great time to add a decent jean jacket to your closet if you don’t have one already. In any condition, it’s the best thing to throw over whatever you happen have on. Best if you can find one that’s already been broken in a little, but crisp new denim has its own rewards. The best part, step into any pair of shoes you have! Keep up a rugged or macho style with a pair boots, or kick it up a notch with your best fuck-me heels. It all plays now!

Denim on denim is your best way to use any accessory you want without having to plan too much else. You can really put the most versatile part of your wardrobe this season to work. Enjoy doing something different with iconic styles. So this fall don’t be afraid of doubling up on the denim, and maybe it’s time to add some more to your closet!

Blog, denim, denim jacket, vintage denim, jeans, vintage jeans, jean jacket, jean shorts

Blog, denim, denim jacket, vintage denim, jeans, vintage jeans, jean jacket, jean shorts

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