Vintage Windbreakers and the Top 10 Hip-hop Jacket Trends

Vintage Windbreakers and the top 10 best Hip Hop Jacket Trends.  pixie fuzz
Image via Pixie Fuzz Garment

Over the decades, hip-hop royalty have more than just spearheaded full on fashion trends, they were the ultimate taste makers and still are today. Many people look up to the rap and hip-hop community, and rightly so as the first judge on what's hot and what's fire.

Hip-hop's finest have set the bar on fashion and here are the top 10 jackets that have become synonymous with hip-hop.
Whether the fashion trend derived from form or function is debatable. Either way, we love this look. It's somewhere between street kid cool , luxurious furs, and nerdy chic. They rock it and we love it.


Vintage Nike Windbreaker

The absolute staple in most closets is the vintage Nike windbreaker. Light-weight and usually colorful. Some people like the more subdued colors but we prefer the bright color blocking! Over-sized is the way to go in our opinion. Throw it on while running out the door but never looked unkempt. You are effortlessly cool in this popular piece.


Whether the tracksuit is made of polyester, nylon, jersey, or velour, it has been a a tenet of hip-hop culture since the 1970s. The tracksuit trend exploded and you could see everyone rock the look from Run DMC to Rick Ross. One of the first true signals of luxury. Luxury is being able to stay comfy in a high fashion track suit. Still popular until this day, the look was cemented in the mid 1990s. 



Flight Jacket

The flight jacket normally comes from the military motif and always adds an amazing level of character to an ensemble. These jackets were of course, originally created for pilots. The jacket itself is lightweight yet rugged and insulated. We prefer these pieces on the streets please, they look great paired with your favorite pair of jeans and a band tee. Logic is shown in a bomber jacket with a NASA patch. This jacket became highly sought after in the hip-hop community. Chance the Rapper was also spotted in this rad jacket.

Puffy Jacket

Vintage Windbreakers and the top 10 best Hip Hop Jacket Trends.  pixie fuzz
Image via Youtube

First Down is the most popular of the puffy jackets but there are plenty of brands that capitalized on this trend. The iconic puffy jacket from Biggie to Drake. This look immediately adds street credentials to your look and throws back to one of the most widely worn jackets of the 90s. Only hip-hop could make the Michelin man look, sexy.


Fur Coat

For as long as there have been video vixens, there has been a fur coat segment in rap videos. The 30 seconds in the music video where the artist is just draped up in fur to highlight the wealth and luxury of their lives. They are the ultimate symbol of wealth and in many ways aids in the dichotomy of hip-hop. Mink, chinchilla, and rabbit are the most sought after for their texture and decadence. 

North Face Parka

Spring/Summer 2017 marks the 18th season of the collaboration between The North Face and Supreme. The highly sought after line where jackets for go thousands of dollars. The brands have somehow glamorized the careless fashion of skaters and are now charging the big bucks so you can look like you don't care. This trend is a curious through back to the relationship between hip-hop and skateboarding. A connection that has spurred many other fashion statements.

Champion Gear

Champion is iconic and has been ingrained in the hip-hop aesthetic since the 80s. Whether it be jerseys, basketball shorts, hoodies, or sweats, Champion is always on all the major players. Trending Fall/Winter 2017 is Champion sports gear as part of the casual look.


Starter Jacket

Sports and hip-hop are supplementary creatures in terms of culture. Both feed into each other and intertwine to create a space where many people do very well for themselves. In the 90s, there was no better way to endorse your favorite team than with an over-sized, colorful jacket by Starter. Chance the Rapper is representing his Chicago Bulls just like many others that put on for their city by simply putting on their favorite jacket.

 Letterman Jacket

The Letterman jacket was popular among many rappers. Mainly made popular by Drake and Kanye West. This is normally a throw back to "education" or "freshmen" rappers. The Letterman jacket was, in many ways like high school, a way to signify the coming of age of a rapper.

Tommy Hilfiger Jacket

Tommy Hilfiger was as important to hip-hop as hip-hop was to his brand. The signature red, white and blue patriotic jackets were often paired with jeans and tube tops. The classic American prep brand flooded the closet of both hip-hop stars their fans. Drake is wearing a vintage Tommy Hilfiger jacket. Like most things, vintage and rare Hilfiger pieces are the most sought after for their unique look. 

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