Pixie Fuzz is an arts, fashion, and lifestyle blog maintained by me, LC Nguyen. Areas of interest are current trends in fashion, vintage apparel, music, popular culture, crafts, re-purposing, reconstruction fashion, and statement jewelry among countless others. I was born and raised in Texas and at the age of 25, I've spent 20 years in Houston, TX, 2 years in Austin, TX, 1 year in Pensacola, FL and the last 2 years in Norfolk, VA. I am married to the handsome and wonderful Petty Officer Third Class Chase Bailey. On March 8, 2014, we will have been married for two years. I am currently enrolled as a Business Administration major. I wish to pursue the avenues of marketing and marketing consulting in my long-term career plans but for the moment, I am excited to learn new concepts and skills that will shape my ability and engage my mind to think differently.


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